About Us

   Creates unique designs entirely by hand. We offer a modern interpretation of the craftsman tradition, always considering quality, durability and functionality in all of our products. We promote the values of self-teaching and self-employment to others who want to walk the roads of the craft. 

   All of our products are completely handmade by either Gerardo and colaborators. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or, however unlikely, complaints-- please contact us. Your satisfaction matters to us as artisans. 

   We thank you for your business, as it allows us to continue our craft and way of life. We believe in the value of handmade work, old traditions, and the ability to sustain oneself by working for oneself.

Think global, act local. Think big, buy small.

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   Gerardo, the founder of Elquino, is an artisan who works full time creating functional products and art. He works exclusively in his techniques: leathercraft and micro-macrame. When he is not building his business, he participates in a community in beautiful Eugene, Oregon.

   One of the aims of Elquino Art is to create a collective of artisans who work in cooperation. These artisans can help each other by sharing techniques, workspaces, and venues for sales. In this way the experience we have gained over the years can be promoted and shared among all, creating a more solid way of sustaining the individual or collective production of local artisans.

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